NCSS Bus Road-e-o

NCSS School Bus Drivers Compete in First Annual School Bus Road-e-o
Posted on 06/06/2019
Four Bus Drivers Holding TrophiesNewton County School System school bus drivers showcased their expert skills recently at the district’s first annual, School Bus Road-e-o, held at Newton College & Career Academy. At the Road-e-o, drivers compete against each other using their skills in precision driving and knowledge of Georgia laws.

According to Chad McCaskill, Director of Transportation for Newton County School System, the competition consists of a written exam as well as an obstacle course that includes skills such as backing, right and left turns, parallel parking, diminishing clearance, a serpentine and more.

“The goal is to motivate and reinforce the learning and implementation of good practices involved in superior job performance as a school bus driver,” said McCaskill. “The drivers have the opportunity to demonstrate the skills needed in a job as demanding as a school bus driver.”

McCaskill added that the Road-e-o was also an opportunity for the drivers to spend time together as a group and just have fun. After the competition, the drivers were treated to a cookout complete with hamburgers, hot dogs, and desserts.

This year’s winner was Karen Jenkins; Lauri Clark, Sandra Harrison, and Lloyd Craddock placed second, third, and fourth, respectively.

“Driving a school bus is not an easy task,” said Samantha Fuhrey, Superintendent of Newton County Schools, who was on hand to watch the competition. “I am very impressed with the skills and talent our bus drivers showcased at the Road-e-o. I can’t imagine parallel parking a school bus but these drivers make it look easy.”

Fuhrey added, “These drivers have such a very important job. They are tasked with transporting our students safely to and from school each and every day and they do a remarkable job. I would put our fleet of drivers up against any in the state or nation. They are that good.”