Dave Belton Reads to ENES Pre-K Students

Rep. Dave Belton Reads to East Newton Elementary School Pre-K Students
Posted on 10/22/2019
Rep Dave Belton Reading to a Pre-Kindergarten ClassPre-kindergarten students at East Newton Elementary School received a special treat recently when Dave Belton, District 112 Representative for the Georgia House of Representatives, stopped by to spend some time with the students. Not only did he show pictures of planes—Belton is also a captain for Delta Air Lines—he took the time to read a story to the students as a way to share his love of reading.

Providing a high-quality education to all students is a top priority for Belton, who has served as the chairman for the Education Subcommittee of Academic Innovation in the Georgia House of Representative. Belton served on the Morgan County School Board for eight years before being elected to the General Assembly.

“There’s nothing we do as a people that is more important than successfully educating our children,” said Belton after visiting the East Newton pre-kindergarten students. “It’s such a joy to witness-first-hand-the energy and excitement of our teacher professionals.”

“Our students were thrilled to have Representative Belton come and read to them,” said Melissa Daniell, principal of East Newton Elementary School. “Reading is such an important skill to have so it’s important that we start instilling a love for reading and teaching those skills at the very youngest of ages. Representative Belton did just that and our pre-k students were excited to have him come in and read to them. He did a fantastic job! We’d definitely love to have him come back and read again!”