2019 ACT Results

NCSS Announces 2019 ACT Results
Posted on 10/30/2019
ACT LogoJust like their national counterparts, Newton County School System (NCSS) students saw slight decreases in scores on the ACT in 2019. Overall, NCSS students saw a half-point decrease in both English and mathematics and a three-tenths of a point decline in both reading and science. As a result, the district’s composite score decreased by four tenths of one point.

Unlike the SAT, a reasoning test that measures critical thinking skills and assesses how well a student analyzes and solves problems, the ACT is a series of curriculum-based, multiple choice tests that cover content knowledge in four basic skill areas: English (College English Composition), Math (College Algebra), Reading (College Social Science), and Science (College Biology). Students also receive a composite score on the exam, which is scored on a scale from 0 to 36. The ACT also has an optional writing test.

Through collaborative research with postsecondary institutions nationwide, the ACT has established college readiness benchmark scores for designated courses—the minimum score needed on an ACT subject-area test to indicate a 50 percent chance of obtaining a B or higher or about a 75 percent chance of obtaining a C or higher in the corresponding credit-bearing courses, which include English Composition, Algebra, Social Science and Biology. The College Readiness Benchmark Scores are:

• English Composition 18 on the ACT English Test
• College Algebra 22 on the ACT Mathematics Test
• Social Science 22 on the ACT Reading Test
• Biology 23 on the ACT Science Test

2019 ACT Results; This is Alt Text
 Alcovy High   168    16.5    17.0    18.5    18.6    17.8 
 Eastside High    193   19.9    20.0    21.4    20.8    20.6 
 Newton High   283    16.7    16.6    18.7    18.2    17.7 
 NCSS   644    17.6    17.7    19.4    19.1    18.6 
 Georgia   53,036    20.9    20.7    22.2    21.2    21.4 
 Nation   1,782,820    20.1    20.4    21.2    20.6    20.7 


According to the official ACT report, Alcovy High School students posted slight decreases in all subject areas in 2019. The school’s English score dropped seven tenths of one point and mathematics decreased by four tenths of one point. Reading scores declined by half a point while science decreased by one tenth of one point. Overall, Alcovy’s composite score decreased by four tenths of one point.

Eastside High School bested the nation in both reading and science in 2019 although their scores dropped slightly—four tenths of one point—in both subjects. The school posted an increase of one tenth of one point in English and maintained its score of 20.0 in mathematics in 2019. Eastside’s composite score dropped slightly—by two tenths of one point—last year.

Newton High School saw an increase of four tenths of one point in reading in 2019 but dropped slightly—three tenths of one point—in English. The school’s decreased by four tenths of one point in mathematics and one tenth of one point in science last year. Overall, the school’s composite score decreased by one tenth of one point in 2019.

“Congratulations to Eastside High School for besting the nation in two subjects this year,” said Samantha Fuhrey, NCSS Superintendent. “While our overall scores decreased slightly in 2019, we remain committed to our goal of ensuring every high school student who wishes to further his or her education at the post-secondary level is academically prepared to succeed. Improving student outcomes takes a combination of high expectations of our students and staff, rigorous coursework in all grade levels, the daily utilization of highly effective teaching practices, and the commitment of our students to place a high importance on their education. It is also important for students to have support from parents and family to reinforce the value of their education.”

For more information contact on Newton County School System’s 2018 ACT results, contact Dr. Allison Jordan, Director of Testing, Research, and Evaluation at [email protected].