Football Schedule and Stadium Guidelines

NCSS Announces 2020 High School Football Schedule and New Stadium Guidelines
Posted on 09/08/2020
2020 Football Schedule and Stadium Guidelines

Newton County School System is pleased to announce the 2020 High School Football Schedule. You may download the schedule in its entirety at the link below:

2020 High School Football Schedule


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, NCSS is implementing new Stadium Guidelines for Sharp Stadium. Please review the list below before your arrival at one of our games:

  • Sharp Stadium attendance will be capped at 25% of stadium capacity.
  • Varsity football games ticket prices will be $10. All county schools will utilize GoFan digital ticketing to avoid cash transactions.
  • Admission to events will be limited to paid tickets or persons possessing a GHSA pass. County employee ID’s and Newton County Gold passes will not be honored for admission as in previous years.
  • Parents/guardians of football players, cheerleaders, band and drill/dance team members will be allowed first option of buying football game tickets. Any remaining tickets will be released to the public on a first come basis on the school’s GoFan website.
  • Signage of the NCSS EVENT SAFETY STATUS will be displayed and communicated through the public address announcements.
  • Spectators must observe the requirements of the NCSS EVENT SAFETY STATUS for mask wear and social distancing.
  • No fans will be allowed to enter the playing area before, during or after an event. (Exception may be parent escort during homecoming or Senior night)
  • No visiting bands will travel to football games.
  • Concession sales will be dependent upon the NCSS Safety Status and very limited if allowed.