School Status Update-January 27, 2021

NCSS Announces School Status Update
Posted on 01/27/2021
Important AnnouncementDear Parents and Families,

First and foremost, thank you for your continued support as we have navigated our way through this pandemic. The past few weeks have certainly demonstrated the impact that this virus can have on our community. Our current 14-day case rate is almost seven times the case rate we experienced in October when schools were serving students in person. Although our community transmission rate is high, there is hope that we will soon see a downward trend in the coming days.

We are anxiously awaiting the date when we can bring back all of our students to in-person learning in our schools, but we aren’t quite there yet. As promised, we have consulted with the local health department and our hospital administrators for guidance when making determinations regarding students returning to school, and in recent conversations, our health officials have expressed concerns about bringing students and staff back into our buildings too soon. They have, however, indicated that a decline in transmission rates of the COVID-19 virus in our community is anticipated in the next few weeks.

As such, we have developed a plan that mirrors their recommendation and will begin to welcome students back to school soon. We will continue in a remote learning environment for one more week, February 1-5. Our plan will begin with the transition all self-contained special needs students who wish to be served in person, on February 8. All other students will remain in the remote setting for that one additional week with plans to bring all in-person students back to school on Tuesday, February 16 (the day after our winter break day).

We know the remote learning environment has been a hardship for many families and we empathize and understand the frustration many of you feel at this time. We want the students back in the building just as much as you do, as we know that in-person learning is, for most students, the most beneficial. Unfortunately, our community’s data just do not allow for the return to in-person instruction at this time. However, current data models predict an expected decrease in the rate of transmission within the next few weeks. If those numbers hold true, we will implement the transition back to in-person learning as described in the chart below.

Tentative Return to School Schedule:

February 8, 2021

Self-contained, special need students including: Severe/Profound Intellectual Disabilities; Moderate Intellectual Disabilities/Community-Based Instruction; Emotional Behavioral Disabilities; GNETS; and Special Needs Preschool

February 16, 2021

Students Currently Enrolled for In-Person Instruction, including those who are re-entering for second semester.

We need your help to reduce the transmission of this virus in our community. In order to implement our tentative return-to-school schedule, it is a must that residents in our community practice social distancing, wear a mask, and watch their distance. If you are sick or awaiting a COVID-19 test result, please stay home.

Please remember, while remote learning is in process, parents of regular in-person students may obtain free breakfast and lunch meals daily from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the nearest school or pick up meals from one of our designated bus stop delivery locations. Visit the link below to determine the location and timing of the meal delivery stop closest to your residence.

The NCSS School Nutrition Department, in conjunction with the NCSS Transportation Department, will also deliver daily meals, including weekend meals on Fridays, to the following temporary bus delivery locations: Arbor Lake Apartments, Cedar Grove Community, Covington Estates, Five Oaks Subdivision, Jamestown, Long Branch Subdivision, Salem Springs, Twin Chimneys Subdivision, Wagon Train, and Wells Mobile Home Park. Delivery times may be found at the following link:

In addition to daily meals, NCSS School Nutrition will also provide weekly meal boxes for pickup at the following school distribution sites: Live Oak Elementary, Heard-Mixon Elementary, West Newton Elementary, Middle Ridge Elementary, and Oak Hill Elementary. The NCSS Food Bus will also stop at select locations throughout the county to distribute weekly meals. Location, days and distribution times may be found on the NCSS website at the following link:

Please note that current virtual learning students may continue to obtain free meals at their regular bus stop drop off site.

Should the numbers change, necessitating a shift in our tentative return dates, we will provide additional information via our website, social media, and School Messenger. In addition to the district information, school principals will also utilize School Messenger to provide parents with school-specific information as necessary. Parents with questions or concerns should contact their school administrator for additional details.

Thank you.