Elementary District Science Fair

NCSS Announces Winners of Elementary District Science Fair
Posted on 02/09/2021
Elementary District Science Fair Winners Newton County School System (NCSS) is pleased to announce the winners of the NCSS Elementary District Science and Engineering Fair. According to Ms. Christina Phyall, NCSS Elementary Curriculum & Instruction Specialist, the twelve first place winners will represent Newton County Schools in the Georgia College K-5 State Science and Engineering Fair in March.

“Congratulations to each of our science fair winners,” said Dr. Penny Mosley, Director of Elementary Schools for NCSS. “A lot of time and effort goes into researching and conducting science experiments for each project so I commend the students for taking the time to participate. Our students conducted some very high caliber experiments so I know our first place winners will represent Newton County School System well in the State Science Fair.”

The following is a list of all Newton County School System Science Fair winners along with their project titles.

Elementary District Science Fair Winners
 Award   Student    School    Project Title    Category 
 1st Place   Jackson Nealy    East Newton    "How Accurately Can I Kick a Soccer Ball Based on How Inflated It Is?"    Physical Science
1st Place   Iara Molina    Newton County Theme School   "What Material Block Wifi?"    Physical Science
1st Place    Gracie Colley   Mansfield   "What is in Your Water?"   Physical Science
1st Place   Payton Tremblay   South Salem   "Shrinkin' or Wrinling'"   Physical Science
1st Place   Esme Aycox   Mansfield   "Have You Washed your Hands Lately?"   Life Science
1st Place   Paisley Bryson   Fairview   "Ball Python Gene Combinations?   Life Science
1st Place   Elizabeth Mendez   Livingston   "Brush Them Teeth"   Life Science
1st Place   Parker Seals   Newton County Theme School   "Plant Growth"   Life  Science
1st Place   Adeze Ibe   East Newton   "Effect of Social Distancing on the Spread of Coronaviru?"   Life Science
1st Place   Paul Farmer   East Newton   "Now You See It! Now You Don't!"    Earth and Space Science
1st Place   Samuel Mullinax   Mansfield   "Making a Video Game"   Engineering
1st Place   Jaden Pinckney   Newton County Theme School   "Motion Activated Guard Robot"   Engineering
2nd Place   Sarah Lamb   Rocky Plains   "What Do Drinks Do to Your Teeth?"   Physical Science
2nd Place   Yashika Patel   Flint Hill   "Does the Size of a Parachute Matter?"   Physical Science
2nd Place   Ayan Tariq and Seynabou Biteye   West Newton   "Does the Type of Material a Car is Wrapped in Change the Distance the Car Travels?"   Physical Science
2nd Place   Olivia Talley   Rocky Plains   "The Effects of Music on Plant Growth"   Life Science
2nd Place    Easton Cushing   Mansfield   "What is the Effect of Wind on a Pole Barn?"   Earth and Space Science
2nd Place   Nicholas Vassell   Middle Ridge   "Does the Length of a Bridge Affect Its Strength?    Engineering
3rd Place   Christopher Stanley   Middle Ridge   "Soda and Mentos"   Physical Science
3rd Place   Mya Burrell   Live Oak   "Which Nail Polish is the Quickest to Dry?"   Physical Science
3rd Place    Scarlett Cantrell   Fairview   "Skittles Rainbow Experiment"   Physical Science
3rd Place   Jasmine Flowers   Middle Ridge   "What Happens if a Plant Doesn't Get Sunlight?"   Life Science