2021 Secondary Science Fair Winners

NCSS Announces Winners of 2021 Secondary District Science Fair
Posted on 02/17/2021
NCSS Secondary Science Fair Winners GraphicNewton County School System (NCSS) is pleased to announce the winners of the NCSS Secondary District Science and Engineering Fair. According to Dr. Vicki Meeler, NCSS Secondary Science Curriculum & Instruction Specialist, the twelve first place winners will represent Newton County Schools in the Regional Science Fair.

“I was very impressed with the caliber of projects submitted in this year’s district science fair,” said Dr. Nikkita Warfield. “The students utilized their research skills to create some absolutely amazing projects. As a result, I know our first-place winners will represent Newton County Schools extremely well in the regional Science Fair.”

The following is a list of all Newton County School System Science Fair winners along with their project titles.

2021 Secondary District Science Fair Winners
 1st Place   Caroline Meeler    Indian Creek Middle   6   A Spoonful of Sugar: Glucose in our Food
1st Place   Cooper Stokes   Newton County Theme    6   How Do Different Types of Drinks Affect Teeth?
 1st Place   Eathen Paten   Newton County Theme   8   The Five-Second Rule
1st Place   Nathaniel Ehret   Newton County Theme   8   How Does Age Affect the Stroop Effect?
1st Place   Nevaeh Craven   Liberty Middle   8   Trouble with Bubbles Going Pop! Pop! Pop!
1st Place   Megan McElhaney   Newton County Theme   7   How Does Temperature Affect the Strength of a Magnetic Field?
1st Place   Alex Johnson   Indian Creek Middle   7   How do Antacids Relieve Heartburn?
1st Place   Alexander Ehret   Newton County Theme School   6   How Does Acid Rain Affect Plant Growth?
1st Place   Ian White   Indian Creek Middle    8   Cooling Hot Peppers
1st Place   Anna Gresham   Newton County Theme   7   Horse Grooming & Heart Rate
1st Place   Bryson Strickland   Indian Creek Middle   7   Which Charger Charges your Phone the Fastest?
1st Place   Kianna Felix   Liberty Middle   8   Which Makes Sense?
1st Place   Katheryn Wilber   Newton County Theme   7   Which Mask Works Best?
1st Place   Patience Chrysler   Eastside High   10   Perception of Color & Illusions
2nd Place   Shaun Fuentebella, Joseph Hurley, & Troy Taylor   Clements Middle   8   How Does Color of Light Affect Plant Growth?
2nd Place   Leila Powell   Eastside High   10   Basketballs & Kinetic Energy
2nd Place   Reign Walker   Eastside High   10   Keeping Apples Fresh
2nd Place   Memphis Kennedy & Emilee Beal   Indian Creek   7   Inner Workings of the Mind-The Stroop Effect
2nd Place   Kathryn Bryan   Indian Creek   7   Does Music Affect How People Perceive Images?
2nd Place   Trinity Ambrose   Eastside High   10   Nitrogen Fertilizers
2nd Place
  LaNaiya Wright   Clements Middle   8   Heat Transfer and Baking
2nd Place   Ava Middlebrooks & Kayson Moss   Indian Creek Middle   7   Do You Hear What You See?
2nd Place   Aubrey Norton   Cousins Middle   7   Sugary Drinks Investigation
2nd Place   Alexander Amerson   Indian Creek Middle   7   Blast Off
2nd Place   Nia Mickens-Mills   Clements Middle   7   Effects of Carbonated Drinks
2nd Place   Kenneth Briggs   Clements Middle   7   Which Shampoo is Better for African American Hair?
2nd Place   Ju'leah Bearfield
  Cousins Middle   6   Will it Grow or Will it Die?
3rd Place   Gregory Ceaser, III   Clements Middle   8   Bottle Tornadoes
3rd Place   Gauresh Vittal & Malachi Williams   Newton County Theme   8   How is Sea Level Rise Being Affected by Human Activity
3rd Place   Jordyn Lipscomb   Clements Middle   7   Does Music Affect Your Mood?
3rd Place   Julian Parks   Newton County Theme   6   Creating Geodes
3rd Place   Darius Gowans   Cousins Middle   7   Splitting Electricity
3rd Place   Madison Vaught   Eastside High   12   The Toxicity of Energy Drinks