Sources of Strength

Alcovy & Newton High Participate in Sources of Strength "I Am Stronger" Campaign Challenge
Posted on 10/18/2021
Sources of Strength studentsFor National Suicide Prevention Month, the Newton County School System Sources of Strength program participated in the “I Am Stronger” challenge to raise mental health awareness and resiliency in their schools. Newton High School and Alcovy High School accepted the challenge for students to share stories of Strength by identifying one of Eight Protective Factors: Family Support, Positive Friends, Mentors, Healthy Activities, Generosity, Spirituality, Mental Health, and Medical Access, that has helped them to get through tough times and turned their trials into triumph. Newton High School Adult Advisors (Tommie Gregory / Demetrice Perry – Stokes) and Alcovy High School (Chris Williams / Justin Hunter) created a wall display platform for Peer Leaders and students to share personal stories of Hope, Help, and Strength. Newton High School collected a total of 453 entries and Alcovy High School collected a total of 153 entries, placing NHS as the winner of the challenge.

Sources of Strength is an evidence base prevention program that empowers Peer Leaders and trusting Adult Advisors in their schools to break codes of silence of mental health and promote help seeking behaviors and resource connections with suicide prevention, anxiety, substance abuse, violence, bullying, and peer pressure. Peer Leaders leverage their social influence, talents, networking, and skills to promote positive changes in their school climate through activities, trainings, group discussions, awareness campaigns, social media, presentations, and art.

Current Sources of Strength endorsed Schools: Newton High School, Alcovy High School, Eastside High School, Veterans Middle, Liberty Middle, and Cousins Middle. For more information or for students interested in joining, please contact the Student and Family Support Department: Chiquita Perry – Owens, School Climate Specialist: Source of Strength / Youth Mental Health First Aid Coordinator or Dr. Keith Benton, Program Director.