NCSS Covid Testing

NCSS Launches Voluntary Weekly COVID-19 Testing Program
Posted on 11/08/2021
voluntary covid-19 testingNewton County School System (NCSS) has launched a voluntary, weekly COVID-19 testing program to identify positive cases quickly and help reduce the spread of the virus in our schools. Select schools including South Salem Elementary, Liberty Middle, Veterans Memorial Middle, and West Newton Elementary School are now offering the free program with more online to start testing in the next few days.

According to Dr. Ashante Everett, NCSS Director of Student Services, surveillance testing is one of the mitigating strategies used to assist in lowering the risk of COVID-19 transmission in our schools.

“We plan to begin the voluntary testing program in eight additional schools the week of November 15,” said Everett. “Our goal is to have the voluntary program implemented in all schools by the end of the month.”

Everett noted that each school will communicate the testing date to parents prior to testing.

“This is a completely voluntary program,” she said. “If you signed a consent for your child to participate in the program, you can still opt out at any time by contacting the school nurse.”

Approximately 1,800 students have opted into the testing program and parents may still sign up their student by contacting the school nurse.

“The testing program will also help identify positive cases in people who do not show any symptoms of the virus,” added Dr. Michael Barr, NCSS Chief Operations Officer. “Testing will allow us to continue regular in-person learning while making everyone feel safer when in-person.”

The COVID-19 test is quick, easy, and does not hurt. It consists of a gentle nasal swab to the lower nostril. Testing is then sent to the lab and parents should receive the results within 24 hours.

Everett said the testing itself takes a matter of seconds for each student so it will easily fit into their school day without disrupting learning.

“The COVID-19 test is free,” she added. “Parents do not need to pay for the test or utilize insurance. This is just one more way we can minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our schools, which ultimately keeps them open.”

Parents with questions regarding the free COVID-19 testing program may contact Dr. Everett at [email protected] for more information.