2022 Elementary State Science Fair

NCSS Students Win Big at 2022 Elementary State Science Fair
Posted on 05/09/2022
Elementary Science Fair WinnersNewton County School System elementary school students won big at the recent Georgia College K-5 State Science and Engineering Fair. Overall, thirteen students brought home awards from the state competition.

“Our students did a phenomenal job at this year’s State Science Fair,” said Christina Phyall, NCSS Elementary Science Curriculum Specialist. “In fact, every student who participated in the State Science Fair won an award this year. Their projects were definitely outstanding and that was reflected in all of the awards they earned.”

NCSS students and their awards are listed below:

NCSS 2022 State Science Fair Winners
 Harris Hawver
Mansfield Elementary   2   Which Would Allow a Latex  Balloon to be Inflated the Longest: The Air We Breathe or Helium Gas?   Chemical Sciences   1st Place & Best in Category
Nicole Law    South Salem Elementary   3   Balloon Battle   Chemical Sciences   1st Place
Jackson Nealy   East Newton Elementary   5   Which Terrain Will Give Me a Better Speed and Control on My Dirt Bike?   Chemical Sciences   1st Place
Kayli Thomas   South Salem Elementary   5   Keepin' it Fresh   Biological Sciences   1st Place
Anthony Watson   Fairview Elementary   4   The Five Second Rule   Biological Sciences   1st Place
Adrian Williams   Heard-Mixon Elementary   3   TJ the DJ   Health Sciences   1st Place
Justin Banahene   South Salem Elementary   5   What Would Happen If You Changed the Motherboard of a Computer   Physical Science   2nd Place
Elise Bray   Newton County Theme School   5   Which Rock Will Be Most Damaged by Freezing?   Biological Sciences   2nd Place
Kellen Freeman    Rocky Plains Elementary   3   How Does the Height of a Tower Affect It's Stability   Physical Science   2nd Place
Journey Johnson   Oak Hill Elementary   4   Citrus Power   Chemical Science   2nd Place
Gabriel Morales   East Newton Elementary   5   Eliminating Germs (Bacteria) From a Surface UV Light vs Disinfectant Wipes   Health Science   2nd Place
Kayden Phyall   Newton County Theme School   5   The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie   Chemical Science   2nd Place
Gabrielle  Qualls   West Newton Elementary   4    What Liquid Would Make a Gummy Bear Grow?   Chemical Science   3rd Place

In addition to the science projects, several students competed in the State Science Fair STEM Design Challenges and brough home awards. In the Bridge Building competition, Elise Bray, Harris Hawver, and Kayden Phyall earned first place and Justin Banahene took home second place. Gabrielle Qualls won second place honors in the Zipline Design Challenge.

“I am so impressed by our elementary students and their accomplishments at the State Science Fair,” said Samantha Fuhrey, Superintendent of Newton County School System. “For each and every student to bring home an award at the state level is huge! I am so proud of these students, and I cannot wait to see how they progress in their science studies. If they are already winning state awards now, imagine what they can accomplish in science by the time they reach middle and high school. Congratulations to each of them on a job well done!”