NCSS MS Science Fair

NCSS Announces Middle School District Science Fair Winners
Posted on 02/20/2023
Middle School Science FairNewton County School System (NCSS) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022-2023 NCSS Middle School District Science and Engineering Fair. According to Dr. Vicki Meeler, NCSS Secondary Science Curriculum & Instruction Specialist, all first-place winners will represent Newton County Schools in the Regional Science Fair.

“Newton County School System students continue to make us proud of their talents and achievements,” said Shundreia Neely, NCSS Director of Secondary Education. “This year’s science fair projects were quite impressive. Each year we see the depth and complexity of our projects increase.”

She added, “The wonderful thing about the NCSS District Science Fair is that it gives students the opportunity to bring research and experimentation to life. Our first-place winners will move forward and represent NCSS at the regional science fair in Griffin. We know they will do well. We thank our students for participating and our teachers for guiding and supporting them.”

The following is a list of all Newton County School System Science Fair winners along with their project titles.

First Place Award Winners
 Name   School   Grade   Title   Category   Place
 Caroline Meeler & Carolyn Paulus   Indian Creek   8   Bioluminescence in Phytoplankton   Earth/Enviro   1st
Kayden O'Cain   NC Theme   6   Staining EGG-speriment   Biomed/Health   1st
Oliver Reid   NC Theme   7   Determining the Effectiveness of Traffic Calming Signs   Behavior/Social Science   1st
Mason Klopp   Liberty   6   To Conduct or Not to Conduct   Physics/Astronomy   1st
Alexander Ehret    NC Theme   8   What is the Best Way to Purify River Water?   Earth/Environment   1st
Sabrina Stokes   NC Theme   6   Which Brand of Nail Polish Dries Fastest?   Materials   1st
Lylah Styles
NC Theme   6   The Biggest Bubble   Materials   1st
Jimmy Thomas   Indian Creek   8   Ripening Tomatoes   Plant Science   1st
Vincent Garibay   Indian Creek   6   Effect of solutes on Ice Melting   Chemistry   1st
Sophia Maxey   Indian Creek   6   Apples and the Five Juices   Chemistry   1st
Uriyah Coody   Indian Creek   8   How Graffiti Makes People Feel   Behavior/Social Science   1st
Adeshola Adewumi   Veterans Memorial   8   Music and Movies   Behavior/Social Science   1st
Rylan Yeager   Indian Creek   6   The Pavlovian Response   Animal Sciences   1st
Sophia Rogers   NC Theme   8   Which Alloys and Metals are Effective at Conducting Heat?   Energy: Sust. Mat.   1st
Adriana Drain   Indian Creek   8   Impact of Heat on Hydrogen Bonds   Chemistry   1st
Marisol Lopez-Avila   Clements   7   Flowers and Emotion   Behavior/Social Science   1st
Angelique Jefferson, Ethan Summers, and Queen Johnson   Liberty   6   Alternate the Soil   Plant Science   1st
Jamaya Davis   Indian Creek   8   Investigating Cheer Sounds   Physics/Astronomy   1st
Taylor Johnson & Sameriya Sells   Indian Creek   8   Bleach & Fabrics   Materials   1st

2nd Place Winners
 Name   School   Grade   Title   Category   Place
 Itzel Rosales, Portland Price, & Jessica Correa   Veterans Memorial   6   Pop! Rock Candy   Materials   2nd
Kathy Castillo & Paisley Smith   Indian Creek   8   Which Stitch is More Durable: the Cable Stitch or the Bobble Stitch   Materials   2nd
Justin Malcolm   Clements   7   Molded Burgers   Biomed/Health   2nd
Kennedy Price, Destiny Russell-Ortiz
Indian Creek   8   Janet   Robotics/Int. Mach.   2nd

3rd Place Awards
 Name   School   Grade   Title   Category   Place
 Liam Boardman, Shilo Moran, Armando Diaz-Ortiz, Jr.   Veterans Memorial   7   What Type of Food Gets Mold Quickly   Biomed/Health   3rd
Riley Walters, Jasmaine Bender, Stefano Dodd   Veterans Memorial   7   What Makes Ice Melt Faster?   Physics/Astronomy   3rd
Malakai Dotting, Makari Effs, Champion Dent   Veterans Memorial   7   Coke and Mentos   Physics/Astronomy   3rd
Eryka Higgs, Janae Hardeman, Aubrey Hawk   Veterans Memorial   7   Turn Milk into Plastic   Materials   3rd