NCSS HS Science Fair

NCSS Announces High School District Science Fair Winners
Posted on 02/20/2023
High School Science FairNewton County School System (NCSS) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022-2023 NCSS High School District Science and Engineering Fair. According to Dr. Vicki Meeler, NCSS Secondary Science Curriculum & Instruction Specialist, all first-place winners will represent Newton County Schools in the Regional Science Fair.

“Newton County School System students continue to make us proud of their talents and achievements,” said Shundreia Neely, NCSS Director of Secondary Education. “This year’s science fair projects were quite impressive. Each year we see the depth and complexity of our projects increase.”

She added, “The wonderful thing about the NCSS District Science Fair is that it gives students the opportunity to bring research and experimentation to life. Our first-place winners will move forward and represent NCSS at the regional science fair in Griffin. We know they will do well. We thank our students for participating and our teachers for guiding and supporting them.”

The following is a list of all Newton County School System Science Fair winners along with their project titles.

1st Place Winners
 Name   School   Grade   Title   Place
Chantel (Theresa) Boney  Jasmine Couch    NCCA   12   A New Generation of Pollutants: Microplastics in Local Watersheds   1st
Natalie Henderson   NCCA   12   Encrypting Data with MultiBase Arithmetic Systems   1st
Noah Larson & Noah Geiger   NCCA   12   Shooting for the Goal   1st
Bethany McGowan   NCCA   12   Micro-Fuser: Compact Nuclear Energy Generator   1st
Nicholas Jean & Jade Neal   NCCA   12   Formation of an RFID Chip/Safety During Car Rider Dismissal   1st
Kayla Archibald & Milo (Hailey) Baker   NCCA   12   Ultrasonic Transformation: Heat Shock and Bacterial Transformations   1st
Briana Jones   NCCA   12   Algae Science: Photosynthesis Rates   1st
Nathan Walsh   NCCA   12   Silica Sol-gel Beads as Glucose Biosensors   1st
Kaitlyn Williams & Alani Munoz   Alcovy   10   The Best Antacid for Heartburn   1st
Evan Mam   NCCA   12   Betta Fish Response Latency to Visual Stimulus   1st
Elisabeth Kelly, Rhin (Melissa) Eubanks, Grace Sara) Knowles   NCCA   12   Microscopic Gardeners: Brassica Hydroponics   1st
Dhakiya Knights & Chiara Chie   NCCA   12   Bias and the Body: Blinking and Political Stance   1st
Lucero Alvarado, Kelsey Harpe, & Ashley Morgan   NCCA   12   UVB Rays & Cognitive Function: C elegans and SPF Levels   1st
Gabriella Green   NCCA   12   Investigating Hormonal Contraceptives Effect on Tear Proteins   1st
Rylan Haney   NCCA   12   Stimulation Awareness: Visuals/Audio Affect on Empathy   1st
Danielle Foster & Santiago Jaramillo   NCCA   12   Flynn: A Chatbox that Specializes in Panic Disorder   1st
Justin Doepke & Cole Shannon   NCCA   12   Improving the Ergonomics of a Prosthetic Leg   1st
Aniya Wren & Jaslynn Hill   Newton   10,9   Is Biotin the Source of Strength?   1st
Naija McGee    NCCA   12   Comets Grazing the Sun   1st
Jasmin Spillers, Brielle Henderson, &  Madelyn Stroy   Newton   10   Glow Sticks in Different Water Temperatures   1st
Nolan Pollard, Connor Richards, & Dylan Smalls   NCCA   12   Utilizing a Mechanical Exoskeleton to Combat Muscle Atrophy   1st
Wesley Connell   NCCA   12   Mobile Eye Tracker for Handicapped users   1st
Megan George, Shanell Edie, & Janiyah Brown   Newton   10   What Liquid Does a Pea Plant Sprout the Fastest In?   1st

2nd Place Awards
 Name    School   Grade   Title   Place
Eris Sellers, Kaila Smalls, & Jaise Benton   Newton   10   How Does the Type of Material Affect Drying Time?   2nd
Joseph Cloer   NCCA   12   Creating Mobile Applications to Optimize Medical Examinations   2nd
Emyiah Randle & Roman Brown   Alcovy   10   Purification of Water   2nd
Christopher Jones, Jocelyn Kilgore, & Kendyl Maddox   NCCA   12   You're Not the Bird You Think You Are!   2nd