2023 Social Studies Fair

NCSS Announces Winners of District Social Studies Fair
Posted on 02/22/2023
three winners from Social studies FairNewton County School System (NCSS) is pleased to announce the winners of the recent 2022 NCSS Social Studies Fair. Students in grades 5 through 12 competing in the fair conducted extensive research on a topic of their choice and were judged on the four major components of their social studies project—the research summary paper; the visual/display that should effectively organize and communicate the research and results; the project abstract which should include a description of the project, the research question/problem, methodology, and conclusion; and finally, an oral interview.

All first place winners will advance to the North East Regional Social Studies Fair.

Social Studies Fair Award Winners
Jackson Nealy    Cousins Middle   The Battle of Stalingrad   1st
Amoriah Eliah-Asriel Wimberly   Newton County Theme   Stereotypes of the Black Woman   1st
Destinne Brown   South Salem Elementary   Who is Madame C.J. Walker   1st 
Kennedy Curry   Veterans Memorial Middle   Have You Ever Vaped?   1st
Azaya Foster, Brianna Maffett, & Lauren Parsons   Liberty Middle   The Autism Spectrum: Living with the Autistic Child in America   1st
Benjamin Parson & Jonathan Hulgan   Newton County Theme    Forgotten Purrs and Barks: The Domestication of Ancient Cats and Dogs    1st
Breyan Barton, Shanay Lindsay, & Emily Gallardo-Rosas   Veterans Memorial Middle   Teens and Mental Health   1st
Maren Poynter & Madolyn Height   Newton County Theme   COVID-19s Effect on the Ecosystem: Is the World Finally Going Green?   1st
Leila Shaw   Newton County Theme   Food During the Great Depression   1st
Liam Boardman, Angel Alvarez, & Armando Diaz-Ortiz   Veterans Memorial Middle   How is the Russian and Ukrainian War Affecting Economies/Industries?   1st
Sophia Mabie   Newton County Theme   Who is Behind Some of the Unusual Social Norms in North Korea?   1st
Rhonda Grider-Purchase   Newton County Theme   Does color affect drink choice?   1st
Bailey Stover   Newton High   The Culture Heard Around the World: The Influence of African Americans on Western Music   1st
Allie Danilchuk   Newton College & Career Academy   Are Voters Classified 100% Republican or Democrat?   1st
Leah Joseph, Sarah Robinson, & Isabella Webb   Newton College & Career Academy   Does Daylight Savings Affect the Daily Lives of Humans?   1st
Robyn Asbell   Newton College & Career Academy   What are the Effects of Teaching Critical Race Theory Across a Broad Spectrum of Curricula in the U.S.?   1st
Jacob Asbell   Newton County Theme   The Vietnam War: U.S. Involvement in the Conflict   2nd
Karsyn Randle & Jayla Jernigan   Veterans Memorial Middle   The Black Panther Party   2nd
Malakai Dotting & Sean-Christopher Blaise   Veterans Memorial Middle   How is the United States better prepared for future terrorists attacks since 911?   2nd
Brandon Simmons   Newton High   Racial Inequality in America: The Obstacles African Americans Face Today   2nd

“Events, such as the Social Studies Fair, provide students an opportunity to enhance their research process skills, experience healthy competition and build new knowledge. With this exposure, students make informed decisions about history relevant to our community today,” said Shundreia Neely, Director of NCSS Secondary Education.

Neely added, “I am extremely proud of our District Social Studies Fair winners, the teachers who guided them and the administrators who supported them. “Their projects exemplify their dedication and work.