Eastside 2023 Top 10 Graduates

Eastside High School Announces Class of 2023 Top 10 Graduates
Posted on 03/22/2023
Eastside Top 10 Graduates Eastside High School has announced the names of the top ten graduates of the Class of 2023. Leading the way are valedictorian, Kianya James, and salutatorian, Lydia Lee. Each of the top ten graduates have exciting prospects ahead of them as they prepare for life after high school.

The top ten graduates listed in alphabetical order:

• Kianya James—The valedictorian of the Class of 2023, Kianya plans to attend a four-year college and major in graphic design with a minor in computer science. After college she hopes to pursue a career in website design or advertisement design and work globally. Kianya chose Ms. Haley Dawkins as her top teacher.

• Lydia Lee—The salutatorian of the Class of 2023, Lydia plans to attend the University of North Georgia and major in accounting with a minor in Spanish. She hopes to become a certified public accountant and own her own accounting firm. Lydia chose Ms. Lin Kerr as her top teacher.

• Karissa Aldridge—Karissa plans to attend Georgia State University and major in art or computer science. She chose Ms. Ashlyn Lazenby as her top teacher.

• Joseph Cloer—Joseph plans to graduate from Georgia Tech with a major in computer science with a focus on intelligence. After college he plans to become a software developer in the area of artificial intelligence. He chose Mr. Ryan Allred as his top teacher.

• Kenneth Fray—Kenneth plans to continue her studies at Georgia Tech where she will major in biomedical engineering. She chose Ms. Kayla Stoddard as her top teacher.

• Naomi Higdon—Naomi plans to attend Georgia State University in the fall. She chose Dr. Catrina Pollard as her top teacher.

• Addisen Krieger—Addisen plans to attend Georgia Tech, have a break year to teach abroad, and then go to medical school for pathology. She chose Mr. Dennis Jones as her top teacher.

• Danyta Lamadieu—Danyta will attend the College of Charleston in the fall and major in marine biology. Danyta chose Ms. Rose Scurlock as her top teacher.

• Mackenzie Losch—Mackenzie plans to attend the University of South Carolina Honors College and double major in dance K-12 education and psychology. She would like to pursue a master’s degree in speech language pathology and become a speech therapist. She chose Mr. Eric Adams as her top teacher.

• Aaron Mull—Aaron plans to attend Georgia Tech to major in biomedical engineering. He chose Mr. Michael Poor as his top teacher.