2023 Senior Property Tax Exemption Status

Senior Citizen School Property Tax Exemption Awaiting Governor’s Signature
Posted on 04/20/2023
senior property tax legislationLegislation to provide a more substantial property tax exemption for Newton County senior citizens has passed through the legislation process and is now awaiting Governor Brian Kemp’s signature. If signed, Newton County residents would head to the polls in November to vote on possibly providing greater property tax relief for eligible senior citizens.

Newton County currently has a tax exemption on the books for eligible senior citizens. In late December 2022, the Newton County Board of Education, in an attempt to do more for Newton County’s senior citizen property owners, approved a resolution that would provide greater tax relief to eligible seniors. The proposed exemptions would be based upon income and property values.

The process began in August 2022, when the school system contracted with Education Planners of Atlanta, Georgia to evaluate the current senior citizen school tax exemption to determine fiscal impact and propose a potential change for the county’s eligible senior citizens. A presentation was made to the members of the board by Education Planners, and the board ultimately approved an increase to the senior citizen school tax exemption to provide more relief. Once approved, local legislation was developed and Senators Tanya Anderson (43rd Senate District) and Brian Strickland (17th Senate District) shepherded the legislation through the process, where it was approved and currently awaits Governor Brian Kemp’s signature.

The final leg of the process includes a special election in November 2023, where all registered Newton County voters will have their say regarding the senior citizen school tax exemption. If approved by Newton County’s registered voters, eligible Newton County senior citizens will receive a reduction in their school system taxes and some may receive a full exemption beginning in 2024. Additionally, the members of the Board of Education will vote on a policy that sets forth a recurring procedure for review and evaluation of senior citizen school tax exemptions going forward.

In the meantime, senior citizens concerned about current property tax assessments should reach out to the Newton County Tax Assessors Office for more information or to file an appeal.