2023 State Science Fair

NCSS Students Win Big at Georgia Science and Engineering Fair
Posted on 05/05/2023
State Science FairNewton County School System middle and high school students brought home multiple awards from the recent Georgia Science and Engineering Fair held at the University of Georgia, Athens.

“I am definitely impressed by the high caliber research projects our students completed,” said Newton County School System Superintendent, Samantha Fuhrey. “It’s important to note that each of these students was a champion at both the district and regional science fairs. As a result of the rigorous science fair competitions and procedures, each of their projects has been thoroughly vetted by multiple judges. To bring home awards from the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair, their research was obviously top-notch and very deserving of state accolades.”

Student awards winners at the state fair include:
2023 State Science Fair Award Winners
Oliver Reid   Newton County Theme School   7   Determining the Effectiveness of Traffic Calming Signs   3rd Honors
Sabrina Stokes    Newton County Theme School   6   Which Brand of Nail Polish Dries Fastest?   4th Honors
Jamaya Davis   Indian Creek Middle School   7   Investigating Cheer Sounds   State Competitor Recognition
Najja McGee   Newton College & Career Academy   12   Comets Grazing the Sun   State Competitor Recognition; UGA Physics & Astronomy Department Award
Bethany McGowan   Newton College & Career Academy   12   Micro-Fuser: Compact Nuclear Energy Generator   State Competitor Recognition; Senior Division Best in Category for Physics/Astronomy
Briana Jones   Newton College & Career Academy   12   Algae Science: Photosynthesis Rates   4th Honors; International Science & Engineering Fair competitor
Chiara Chie & Dhakiya Knights   Newton College & Career Academy   12   Bias and the Body: Blinking and Political Science   2nd Honors
Christopher Jones, Jocelyn Kilgore, & Kendyl Maddox   Newton College & Career Academy   12   You're Not the Bird You Think You Are   2nd Honors
Kayla Archibald & Milo Baker   Newton College & Career Academy   12   Ultrasonic Transformation: Heat Shock and Bacterial Transformations   3rd Honors
Rhin Eubanks, Elisabeth Kelly, & Grace Knowles   Newton College & Career Academy   12   Microscopic Gardeners: Brassica Hydroponics   State Competitor Recognition