NHS FCCLA National Winners

Newton High School Duo Clinches Top Honor at 2023 National FCCLA Leadership Conference
Posted on 08/14/2023
Two national champions holding plaque

Shanell Edie and Megan George Triumph in Nutrition and Wellness Category, Paving the Way for a Healthy Future

In a remarkable display of teamwork, dedication, and ingenuity, two Newton High School juniors, Shanell Edie and Megan George, emerged as the champions of the Nutrition and Wellness category at the prestigious 2023 National FCCLA Leadership Conference held in Denver, Colorado this summer. The dynamic duo's project, focused on health and wellness, showcased their exceptional commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle through innovative research and personalized recommendations.

Shanell and Megan's award-winning project centered around monitoring and enhancing the nutrition intake of their own mothers. Using a meticulous approach, the students tracked dietary habits, assessed nutritional intake, and carefully analyzed the data to craft tailored health and wellness plans. The outcome was a testament to their dedication to fostering healthier choices within their families and the broader community.

Guided by the FCCLA planning process, Shanell and Megan navigated the project's stages with finesse, allowing them to develop a comprehensive portfolio that stood out at the national conference. To secure their triumphant victory at the 2023 National FCCLA Leadership Conference, the duo first secured first-place accolades at the Regional Competition in Augusta, Georgia, followed by an impressive win at the state competition in Athens. Their journey to national acclaim reflects not only their exceptional talent but also their determination to make a lasting impact on their community's well-being.

Shanell and Megan now have their sights set on the future. With the resounding success of their current endeavor, they eagerly anticipate next year's National FCCLA Leadership Conference in Seattle, Washington, where they hope to clinch another first place victory.

“This was an incredible opportunity and a great experience,” said Shanell. “It was very educational and attending the conference allowed us to see another side of the USA. Plus, we had the opportunity to meet other chapter members from across the country.”

“It truly was a great experience,” added Megan. “It was a great opportunity, and we came back with ideas for our own FCCLA chapter. Plus, our hard work paid off. We both froze when we were announced as the first-place winners. It was a shock. Now, we’re already making plans for our next project and the next national conference.”

Both students noted attending the conference would not have been possible without the support of their FCCLA advisor, Fleeta Jackson, Newton High School principal Dr. Shannon Buff, and other sponsors like the Covington Lions Club.

Dr. Shannon Buff, expressed her pride and admiration for Shanell and Megan, stating, "Their remarkable achievement is a testament to their dedication, creativity, and unwavering commitment to improving lives through education and action. We are immensely proud of their accomplishment and look forward to witnessing their continued success."

"Our CTAE students continue to raise the bar when it comes to leadership and competitive prowess,” said Dr. Tim Schmitt, NCSS Director of CTAE and Workforce Innovation. “Newton High's recent FCCLA success puts an exclamation point on the level of student talent we have in the district. I'm a firm believer in Career and Technical Student Organizations, like FCCLA. The amount of growth students gain from being a part of those organizations is unmatched. Participation, alone, elevates our students' ability to compete in tomorrow's college & career endeavors. Shanell and Megan's first place victory takes that elevation to a whole new height. Being a national winner is a BIG DEAL! I'm proud of the hard work our students and advisors put in to make this type of success a reality. I'm thankful for teachers like Dr. Jamala Penton and Ms. Fleeta Jackson for going the extra mile to sponsor an FCCLA chapter, allowing students an opportunity to travel and compete across the state and nation."