2024 Super Spellers

South Salem Elementary School Student is Newton County School System’s Super Speller
Posted on 01/19/2024
spelling bee winner and runner up with trophies In a seven-round showdown, South Salem Elementary School fifth-grader M’Kayla Solomon emerged as the Newton County School System Spelling Bee champion! She now proudly holds the title of the district’s super speller. The fierce competition saw M’Kayla and the runner-up, Dani Blackwell from Clements Middle School, battling it out for the championship trophy. The decisive moment came when Blackwell stumbled on the tricky word "lymphoma," opening the door for M’Kayla to clinch victory by flawlessly spelling "Matterhorn."

M’Kayla shared her secret to success, revealing that she faced the nerve-wracking rounds by taking a deep breath and counting to ten – a strategy that worked like magic. Despite competing against top spellers from both elementary and middle schools across the district, she kept her cool and focused on having a blast.

“I just thought about having fun and didn’t worry about losing,” she said, emphasizing that her preparation involved fun word sessions with her mom and school buddies. An avid reader, M’Kayla credited her love for books for boosting her vocabulary and spelling skills.

“I love to read,” she gushed. “I read all day long. My goal is to read a book with over 500 pages. Right now, I like chapter books. I like mysteries and Goosebumps, and also comedy books. I just love to read.”

Now wearing the crown of the Newton County School System 2024 Spelling Bee champ, M’Kayla is gearing up to represent the district in the regional spelling bee next month. Her game plan for the upcoming challenge? Stay true to what worked before, maybe crank up the effort a bit, but above all, keep the focus on having a blast.

“I’m going to do the same thing I did to prepare for today,” she said. “But I’ll work harder, and I’d like to get to a higher level of words. But still, I just want to have fun.”

And as for the grand celebration of her big win? M’Kayla’s got a delicious plan in mind.

“I’d like to go to Chick-fil-A with my mom and get a milkshake!” she exclaimed.

"Congratulations to M’Kayla, our new Spelling Bee champion,” said Dr. Duke Bradley, Superintendent of the Newton County School System. “What an incredible achievement for an elementary school student to surpass the best spellers from both the elementary and middle schools in our district. I am extremely proud of your accomplishment and send you best wishes as you prepare to represent Newton County Schools in the Regional Spelling Bee.”