2018 CCRPI Announced

GaDOE Releases 2017-2018 College & Career Ready Performance Index Scores
Posted on 10/29/2018
Georgia Department of Education logoState School Superintendent Richard Woods today released the Georgia College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) for the 2017-2018 school year. The CCRPI measures schools and school districts on a 100-point scale. As there were numerous changes to the CCRPI instrument, this year’s scores cannot be compared to scores from previous years.

“Unfortunately, we are not able to compare the 2017 CCRPI school and district results to the 2018 results,” said Samantha Fuhrey, superintendent of Newton County School System. “The 2018 results serve as baseline scores, again. The state’s accountability tool, the CCRPI, has not been the same since its inception in 2012. The calculation rules and measurement have changed significantly year after year. Until the state provides a consistent, reliable accountability instrument, the work of our students and staff cannot be measured accurately. Consistency from year to year with regard to what and how schools and systems are measured is critical to the planning and preparation of our teachers and leaders. Recently, the State School Superintendent stated that the instrument will change, yet again, to provide a more, well-rounded tool. We are studying our results to ensure our students are prepared and positioned to be successful.”

Four Newton County School System (NCSS) elementary schools scored above the state average in 2018, including East Newton, Mansfield, Middle Ridge, and Newton County Theme School.

At the middle school level, Newton County Theme School posted a score higher than the state’s middle school score.

Eastside High School topped the state’s high school CCRPI score in 2018.

Newton County School System’s College & Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI) Results for the 2017-2018 school year are as follows:

2018 CCRPI Results (This is Alt Text)
 Elementary Schools   2018 CCRPI Score 
 East Newton    79.4 
 Fairview    64.8
 Flint Hill    67.9
 Heard-Mixon    70.1
 Live Oak    63.2
 Livingston    65.9
 Mansfield    84.2
 Middle Ridge    80
 Newton County Theme    93
 Oak Hill    77.4
 Porterdale    56
 Rocky Plains    57.1
 South Salem    67.8
 West Newton    67.7
 NCSS-Elementary Total    75
 State-Elementary Total    77.8
 Middle Schools    
 Clements    67.3
 Cousins    65.7
 Indian Creek    56.1
 Liberty  65.3
 Newton County Theme    93.3
 Veterans Memorial    63.5
 NCSS-Middle Total    64.1
 State-Middle Total    76.2
 High Schools    
 Alcovy    64.2
 Eastside    80.5
 Newton    65.3
 NCSS-High Total    69.6
 State-High Total    75.3
 NCSS Overall Score    70.7
 State Overall Score    75.3

For more information, contact Dr. Allison Jordan, Director of Testing, Research, and Evaluation for Newton County Schools at [email protected].