Teach Newton

Different. It works for us.

We’re fans of all good teachers. We appreciate your dedication to educating children and preparing them to be productive citizens. However, you’re a teacher who values collaboration and individualism, you’re willing to give more to get more and go further, and it’s evident in how you approach situations in the classroom and in your daily life; you think a little deeper to contribute refreshing ideas or try new solutions, always asking “What if…”, “How about…” and “Just imagine” — for you, just any job won’t do. You want a career where you can make a real difference; one that challenges you and rewards those traits that make you unique. Yeah, you are different. And different works for us.

You belong where teaching means more and teachers matter most. Click the link below to start a conversation with NCSS today and let’s teach Newton together.

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“Teach Newton Together” — what does it mean?

As educators, we know that learning is about as close to a team effort as you’ll find; and everyone from school administrators, parents, students, local business and community leaders make up our team. As a teacher, you’re the coach and you deserve a say in the game plan; you’re instrumental in the success of every student, but it takes the support of every team member to make learning successful. The HR department at NCSS embraces our role as advocates for better education and for teachers, empowering learning through a collaborative work environment and strong support system. This is what we mean when we say “Let’s teach Newton together”.