Student Services

This office receives referrals from all schools for students who are experiencing hardships, academic difficulties, excessive absences/tardies, medical issues/needs, behavioral issues and family concerns.

The Student Services Department is also responsible for:

  • Hospital/Homebound Program
  • Placement Review Committee
  • School Nursing Program
  • 504
  • Student Safety
  • Athletics
  • Infinite Campus, the district's student information software
  • DOE state-mandated reports
  • Liaisons with juvenile court and other community agencies

    Department Contacts:

    Dr. Ashante Everett, Director of Student Services
    770-787-1330 ext. 1203

    Nicholas Jones, Student Services Coordinator
    770-787-1330 ext. 1320

    Donna Moseley, Technology Specialist
    770-787-1330 ext. 1235

    Kaiulani Teague, Technology Specialist
    770-787-1330 ext. 1211

    Karen Cook, Health Services Coordinator
    770-787-1330 ext. 4013

    Lonnie Allen, School Health Specialist
    770-787-1330 ext. 3933

    Christy Compton, Administrative Assistant
    770-787-1330 ext. 1212