HMES Students Win Fire Safety Poster Contest

Two Heard-Mixon Elementary Students Win Statewide Fire Safety Tips Calendar Poster Contest
Posted on 10/31/2019
Heard-Mixon Elementary School fourth-graders Chase Cowan and Emmanuel Rangel know a thing or two about fire safety—and they put their tips in the form of artwork and submitted them to the statewide Fire Safety Tips Calendar Poster Contest sponsored by the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner and the Georgia Fire Sprinkler Association. Only thirteen winners were selected statewide and Chase and Emmanuel were two of them. Their artwork will be featured during a specific month of the 2020 statewide calendar.

According to Karla Richter, Public Educator, Safety Fire Division, of the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner’s Office, Chase’s artwork will be featured in January 2020. His winning artwork depicted the theme, “Give space heaters some space. Things placed too close to space heaters can catch on fire.” Emmanuel’s artwork will be showcased in February 2020. It features the tip, “Firefighters are your friends. Never hide inside. Always go outside when there is a fire.”

All winners of the Statewide Fire Safety Tips Calendar Poster Contest were recognized during a special awards luncheon at the Monroe County Convention Center on Thursday, October 24.

“I am so proud of Chase and Emmanuel,” said Samantha Fuhrey, superintendent of Newton County School System. “They represented their school and our district very well. The fact that two of the thirteen winners are from Newton County School System is phenomenal.”

Fuhrey added, “Fire safety is a very important topic and I encourage all parents and guardians to develop a plan and not only review it but also practice it at home on a regular basis. It could save a life!”