NCSS Braille Challenge Winners

NCSS Students Win Awards at Regional Braille Challenge
Posted on 05/09/2020
Four blind students who won awardsNewton County School System students did it again as three visually impaired students brought home awards from the Georgia Regional Braille Challenge held at the Georgia Academy for the Blind.

The Braille Challenge is the only academic competition of its kind in North America for students who are blind or visually impaired. Braille Institute developed the Braille Challenge to motivate students to practice and hone their braille literacy skills, which are essential to academic and employment success.

Any blind or visually impaired student in grades one through 12 who can read and write braille is eligible to participate in the Braille Challenge. Contestants are divided into five categories and tested on fundamental braille skills such as reading comprehension, spelling, speed and accuracy, proofreading, and charts and graphs.

Lucas Montalvo, a fifth grade student at South Salem Elementary School tied for third in the sophomore category this year and Javon Harris, an eighth-grade student at Liberty Middle School placed third in the junior varsity category. Chad McDaniel, a seventh-grader at Indian Creek Middle School tied for third place in the apprentice category. Keagan Lyons, a second-grader from Livingston Elementary School competed in her very first Braille Challenge this year and did a fantastic job in the rookies category.

“Braille is an important key to success,” said Elizabeth Cantrell, teacher of the visually impaired for NCSS. “It allows for the enjoyment of reading, leads to school success, and opens the doors to future employment. Our students work hard to hone their skills in reading and writing braille to access print media in their classrooms.”

She added, “The Braille Challenge gives them the opportunity to meet other braille reading students from across Georgia. They come to celebrate braille literacy with a day filled with competition, learning, prizes, and enjoyment!”

“Our students are a force to be reckoned with at the Braille Challenge,” said Samantha Fuhrey, superintendent of Newton County School System. “This marks at least four years in a row that NCSS students have brought home awards from the Regional Braille Challenge. Lucas, Chad, and Javon have each won awards multiple years now and I have no doubt that Keagan will excel in the competition going forward. I am extremely proud of each of them and I have great expectations that we will see their names on the Braille Challenge’s list of champions for many more years to come.”