Bradley 90-Day Entry Plan

Newton County School System Announces Dr. Duke Bradley's 90-Day Entry Plan
Posted on 11/06/2023
90 Day Entry PlanThe Newton County School System (NCSS) is excited to announce the rollout of Dr. Duke Bradley's 90-Day Plan, aligning with the core priorities set by the Board of Education: Culture and Engagement, Academics, and Operations. Dr. Bradley, who recently assumed the role of Superintendent, has outlined his vision for the first 90 days of his tenure, which focuses on enhancing the educational experience for all students within the district.

Dr. Bradley’s 90-Day Plan provides a comprehensive overview of the specific initiatives and strategies that will guide his leadership during this initial period. The plan is designed to foster a collaborative, student-focused environment and work toward the improvement of the Newton County School System.

In addition to his 90-day plan, Dr. Bradley has announced upcoming listening sessions for a wide variety of focus groups.
“I am deeply committed to ensuring that every stakeholder in the school system has a voice and an opportunity to influence the direction of our school system,” he said. “As a result, I plan to host listening sessions in the near future, providing a platform for open and meaningful dialogue with community members, parents, and other stakeholders. Details of these listening sessions, including dates, times, and participation methods, will be shared in the coming days.”

For more information about the 90-Day Plan and updates from Dr. Bradley, please visit the Newton County School System website at

Superintendent’s 90-Day Plan